The Big Bang Theory Season 11: Episode 1 Review

A spoiler free review of The Big Bang Theory Season 11: Episode 1 Review

The Good Place Season 2: Episode 1&2 Review

A spoiler free review of season 2 episode 1 & 2 of the good place

Meet Maisie the Golden

It's time to introduce you to Maisie, my beautiful golden retirever

The Pre-Puppy Story

In June we are adding a beautiful golden retriever puppy to our family. I'm too excited now to not introduce you a little early to her.

Survivor Cambodia Episode 1: Second Chance – Predictions

The Marooning… Again I can’t tell you how excited I am for the next season of Survivor, Cambodia. 20 former contestants, mostĀ of whom I am a big fan of, all battling it out. I’ve been waiting for

Survivor: Cambodia – Cast Analysis

A step by step analysis of the contestants of Survivor: Cambodia and predictions of the season's boot order.

Limetown – The Podcast You Should Be Listening To

I talk about Limetown, a fascinating fictional blog in the vein of serial.

A truly proud moment

Where I talk about a very proud accomplishment in my life, the night I ran a half marathon.

How do I talk to a client about budget overages?

Addressing the question of "What happens if my team has wasted some of the budget and will go over?"

Focus Hours

By instituting a Focus Hour you can supercharge your productivity.