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Designing Task Management Process Flows for Your Organization

What is a process flow A process flow is a series of steps that everyone in a project team or an organizational team agrees to follow in order to set a standard of how tasks and ToDos

Trailer Talks #1: Pokemon X&Y Gameplay Footage

A video from my YouTube channel where I review trailers as they come out.  In my first edition I discussed Pokemon X&Y’s Gameplay Footage.    

Knowledge Management: Why it’s important

As a project manager, one of the things we pride ourselves the most on is being able to keep track of everything. We may have a variety of tools to accomplish this, or we might try and

Generating a Side Income Part1A – Freelancing

Students, stay-at-home parents, job seekers, retirees… there are a large collection of the population who are often looking for something to fill their time that can make them a bit of extra cash. There are a lot

Always Find Someone Better Than You…

Always find someone who is better than you. There is limitless value in people as mentors, competition, or just being a benchmark to measure yourself again. As soon as you fail to view someone who you can

A couple of subreddits from the world’s most popular secret website

Less people than I would expect know what Reddit is. This shocks me, since reddit is a hub for interest groups, activists, meatheads, nerds, stoners, and just about every other culture type you can think of. A