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My White Whale

The White Whale Every entrepreneur has their white whale. That business or idea that they’re constantly chasing and striving to get off the ground. Your white whale keeps you up at night, you have pages of documentation

A World Without Meetings

Where minutes are saved… My boss has a nice saying that I like “Meetings are an activity where minutes are saved and hours are lost.” I mean really, no one likes meetings. Every employee, at some point

Task Management – Creating Task Types

Some of the more robust task management services (such as one of my favourites, Jira) allows project owners to customize and create task types. This can create a lot of freedom for technical leads and project managers

Why an ETA is so important

And why ASAP is not a timeline Whenever I get a task, request, deliverable, or even someone asking for a favour my first words are “When do you need this by” It’s a simple question, isn’t it?

Things I Found Cool This Week: Sept29 – Oct5

Walk Off The Earth – Royals I love these guys, and Royals was one of the few songs on the radio this summer that I liked. As per usual, they have a brilliant interpretation of the song.

Spend time in the trenches

We all have big dreams When I was in my college and university days I had it all figured out. I’d work for myself! It seemed so simple at the time. I was smart, ambitious, talented, and