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HypeBadger – Jurassic World Trailer Review

A video review of the Jurassic Park Trailer that I did for HypeBadger.

Project Management Vlog: When to log risks

Lifestyle Vlog: Where I’ve been

Trello – Putting Kanban to work for you

Trello Trello is a web application that is seeing a widespread adoption from both list makers and Agile Development teams. Simply put, Trello is a digital Kanban board. This becomes less simple if you don’t know what

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Sometimes the simplest products can be the best. I used to be an avid hater of graphic t shirts, but now they’re my loungeware of choice. 6 dollar shirts is always full of great pop-culture references and

Tabletop Props: Covered Wagon

I love playing D&D when I have the time for it (i.e. almost never). The best part about participating are the little things that the DM (or the players) do to try and increase the immersion. A

The missing piece: The CRM

I am a junkie for productivity software, but one that I have frequently ignored is the CRM, or customer relationship manager. It wasn’t an intentional slight, I just didn’t see a huge value in it. Instead, I’ve

Orbiter – Playing Card Display

This is just so cool… To those of you who know, I collect playing cards. I’m not sure where the fascination came from (just like Maps!) but over the last 4 years or so I’ve begun to

PM Tools: Moleskine

This is a Moleskine notebook; it is a simple ruled notebook, with a classy look to it, that has inexplicably become the notebook of choice for hipsters and entrepreneurs. I’m no exception, I carry one around for

Other World Mapper

                        I love maps. I don’t know where my fascination with them started, but I’ve always been enthralled by looking at older maps of the word.