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Live Tweet Recap of Survivor Worlds Apart: Episode 1

Each week, I try to live tweet as I watch survivor. It gives me great material for remembering my thoughts on the episode later for vlogging, and it is also fun as hell. Below are my tweets

Survivor 30 Worlds Apart: Episode 1 Predicitions

Survivor Worlds Apart The 30th season of survivor starts on Wednesday, February 25th! That gives us less than 36 hours from when I started writing this post before we see 18 new castaways marooned on an island.

On the Bookshelf: Dinos, Zeros, and Jesus

I like a good book. That said, I don't read nearly as often or as fast as I used to, but I still enjoy sitting down and expanding my mind. At any given time, I'm usually reading 2-4

Survivor 30 Worlds Apart: Castaway Analysis

Meet The Castaways The Meet the Castaways videos have been posted over on the CBS Survivor’s YouTube channel. I’ve watched them all and made my predictions for this game in terms of how well each will do.