A truly proud moment

Brad Running

I’m going to brag for a bit here.

Last night, I went for a run. Since January, I’ve taken up running for exercise. I find it to be an incredibly soothing activity at the end of a day. I just throw on a podcast, run, and let my thoughts wander and unwind. It is one of the few times in my day where I don’t have to be very focused or alert.

I’m not one of those super intense runners. I have a few workout shirts and some Nike Freerunners. I don’t have special water holdy belts, and my headphones are some generic ones that came with a cellphone. I’m not trying to be braggy about being too much of a hipster for fancy running gear, but just setting the stage that this is only a passive hobby for me.

Last night I had a few hours to run before my wife got home from a friend’s so I decided to try and break my previous record of 14km in a single run.

I started my run in my little slice of suburbia. Taking advantage of the roads under construction and the quiet area I had a fairly smooth first leg of my trip. As I finished up my regular route I was just passing 12k. I decided to dart in and out of residential streets to get the last 3k I would need to hit my goal of 15. As I passed the 15k market on my fitbit, I felt as I was just getting my second wind, and I didn’t particularly want to stop. Knowing that its a longterm goal to hit a full half marathon, I decided “Fuck it, I’m going to do another 6 kilometers.” And so I did.

I looped around a subdivision of my area another 6 or so times, occasionally passing the same walking couple, as I kept a close eye on my Fitbit to gauge when I was getting closer to my goal. I frequently rechecked Google to make sure I had the exact distance of a half-marathon correct (its 21.1km rounded up).  Around the 16km mark, a small rock bounced into my shoe. I didn’t want to stop to remove it, lest I lost my momentum. After another few kilometers it was driving me nuts and I finally stopped just short enough to empty my shoe and kept going.

With the sun having gone down and the street lights shining, I glanced at my wrist to see the pale blue LED of my Fitbit click from 21.0 to 21.1 and my legs and heart slowed their pace. In the end, I felt that I could have probably kept going. The idea that I could actually run a full marathon suddenly seemed attainable, but I definitely felt that it would be an incredible time commitment to be running for that long!

Also, I snapped a photo after it all (my buff was soaked in sweat!)

Brad After Run

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