BBCAN3 Recap – May 18 – Shomi the Veto


Last Night on Big Brother

Well, We made our way through most of a season so far and we’re down to 6: Brittany, Sarah, Zach, Ashleigh, Godfry, and Pilar. In the previous episode, Sarah came out on top in the 100 minutes of hell challenge for HOH that seemed more fitting in fear factor than in Big Brother. Afterwards, Godfry and Ashleigh won a visit with a family member in a completely over the top product placement challenge from Pizza Pizza. Sarah put the shomance of Ashleigh and Zach on the block, and made it very clear that she wants Zach out.

An All Girls Final Four

Zach has his back against the wall and he comes up with a half decent strategy: have Pilar and Ashleigh try and sell and all girl’s alliance to Sarah which could allow them to get Godfry on the block if Zach wins the veto. Unfortunately Pilar is unable to sell this successfully to Sarah. Really it is too little too late, as this final four deal is far too convenient at this stage, nor is it a deal that Sarah particularly needs at this point.

Shomi The Veto

The sponsored comps are too much for me at this point. Between Pizza Pizza, KFC, and Shomi, all within the past 2-3 weeks, we have been inundated with product placement. The objective of this puzzle  is to watch a ridiculous promo for Shomi that ends with placement of posters which the houseguests then need to replicate by putting together the TV posters using puzzle pieces.

The competition is fairly boring and the show doesn’t show any of the contestants being particularly outstanding during the comp, nor being particularly bad… except for Pilar of course who quits yet again. In the end Ashleigh comes out as the winner

The Godfry Files

With Ashleigh winning the Veto, she tries again to push the all-girl final four, but Sarah isn’t buying what she is selling. This is such a non-starter that Big Brother fills the next act with Godfry doing a secret mission, although it isn’t exactly clear what that mission is. They are told to put on a rap video which is beyond awful. They are then given a series of symbols and numbers that are meaningless. Godfry is aware that it doesn’t have any value, but I’m unsure how that is a mission.

In the end they win (how could they have failed???) but in the end we get to see them frolic in the pool wearing skimpy clothing, and isn’t that what Big Brother is all about?

POV Ceremony

Pilar tries to figure out what Sarah’s choice is, and of course it is to put Pilar on the block. Zach’s next move appears to be to try and convince Ashleigh to use the POV on him. This of course makes no sense, and he really should have been spending this time trying to win Godfry over. Of course Ashleigh takes herself off the block and Pilar goes up as a replacement nominee. With only a few days left before live eviction, Zach only has a few options left; and we have a double eviction (this late in the game???) to look forward to.

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