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Survivor Cambodia Episode 1: Second Chance – Predictions

The Marooning… Again I can’t tell you how excited I am for the next season of Survivor, Cambodia. 20 former contestants, mostĀ of whom I am a big fan of, all battling it out. I’ve been waiting for

Survivor: Cambodia – Cast Analysis

A step by step analysis of the contestants of Survivor: Cambodia and predictions of the season's boot order.

Limetown – The Podcast You Should Be Listening To

I talk about Limetown, a fascinating fictional blog in the vein of serial.

A truly proud moment

Where I talk about a very proud accomplishment in my life, the night I ran a half marathon.

How do I talk to a client about budget overages?

Addressing the question of "What happens if my team has wasted some of the budget and will go over?"

Focus Hours

By instituting a Focus Hour you can supercharge your productivity.

DOOM Teaser Trailer is Terribly Underwhelming

Is Bethesda's teaser for their DOOM trailer leaving us with a sour taste?

BBCAN3 Recap – May 18 – Shomi the Veto

Recapping BBCAN3's Power of Veto episode.

Procrastinators Rejoice: Microsoft is Hosting a Solitaire Tournament

Are you one of the many who wasted their days away playing solitaire on Microsoft Windows? How about Freecell or Spider Solitaire? If your answer was yes, consider yourself in lucky because Microsoft will be kicking off

The BlindsayCast May 18: Marvel Age of Ultron, The Mindy Project, and Terrence Howard VS Don Cheadle

My beautiful wife foolishly agreed to perform a Podcast with me. We chat about some random pop-culture things: Marvel Age of Ultron and the Mindy Project. We also discuss who was a better WarMarchine: Terrence Howard or