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Young Professional Hierarchy of Fulfillment

In this vlog I discuss a model for young professionals on time commitments and where their focus should be in order to keep themselves successful. Contrary to the pressures on entrepreneurs to over work themselves with little

HypeBadger – Jurassic World Trailer Review

A video review of the Jurassic Park Trailer that I did for HypeBadger.

Project Management Vlog: When to log risks

Lifestyle Vlog: Where I’ve been

Lifestyle Vlog: Work/Life Balance

LifeStyle Vlog #1 – Introduction to Me

  Really the first of a LifeStyle Vlog series that I’m starting. Not too happy with the lack of editing but after battling with OpenShot for 2 hours not being able to export video, I’ve given up

BWALOT – Big Brother Canada April 13th

  I tend to be a bit of a TV addict, so last night I decided to start up my webcam and talk for awhile about the latest episode of big brother. I think that I will

Hypeminute – February 3rd: 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, The Lego Movie, 24: Live Another Day

About once a week, I create a short one minute video for a startup that I work with, HypeBadger. The video is just a couple of quick comments on new product or media releases that you should

HypeMinute December 8

  The HypeMinute is a feature that I do for Hype Badger where I talk about news related to release date announcements, or projects covered on Hype Badger. In the first installment I discussed Veronica Mars, Plants

Trailer Talks #1: Pokemon X&Y Gameplay Footage

A video from my YouTube channel where I review trailers as they come out.  In my first edition I discussed Pokemon X&Y’s Gameplay Footage.