The Day Zero Project: 101 Goals in 1001 Days

Day Zero Project

A few years ago, I had tried a goal setting project called The Day Zero Project. The premise is you set a list of 101 goals to complete in 1001 days (2.74 years for the mathematically inclined).

As what happens commonly enough (especially if you take a look at the Day Zero website!) I lost track of my goals and trying to achieve all 101 tasks. Part of trying to take on 2018 with an increased desire to make the most out of my life will be trying this project again!

I’ll be using my blog to track my progress. For a full list of posts, check out the category page for The Day Zero Project blog.  You can also click on the goals below for any and all blog posts associated with that specific goal.


Start Date: January, 2018

End Date: September 28, 2020

101 Goals


1 Visit a castle
2 Apply for BBCAN
3 Go to a wine vineyard
4 Participate in a Reddit Exchange
5 Try Parkour
6 Take a martial arts class
7 Go to a drive in movie theater
8 Do open mic night at a comedy club
9 Finish a crossword puzzle
10 Try Geocaching
11 Go to a yoga class
12 Go to Medievil Times
13 Have a weekend to myself
14 Go on a tour of parliament
15 Watch a Cirque du Soleil show
16 Go camping

Getting things done!

17 Keep my inbox at zero at work
18 Clean out my closet once a year
19 Keep a list of accomplishments
20 Invest in the stock market
21 Set up a Media Server
22 Finish Setting up the Office
23 Get rid of the carpets
24 Reduce wasted produce
25 Start regular meal prepping
26 Build a Cat Tree
27 Paint the house
28 Set Up Home Automation
29 Purge all my old “stuff”
30 Write a will
31 Create an emergency fund
32 Do Christmas Baking
33 Get a library card
34 Buy life insurance
35 Find a Tailor
36 Start keeping a journal
37 Stock and setup a home bar
38 Create Harddrive Backup System


39 Finish every obstacle in an OCR
40 Insanity Workout with Lindsay
41 Run a 10k in under 60 minutes
42 Track all of my workouts
43 Make a Race Plan for each year (2018, 2019, 2020)
44 Make a custom recipe book
45 Exercise six days a week for a month
46 Have a Meatless Week
47 Run a Beer Mile
48 Complete Tough Mudder
49 Join a running group
50 Run a 20:00 5k
51 Run a marathon in under 4:30
52 Run the Badass Dash with Maisie
53 Do a set of 12 Chinups
54 Track my eating on MyFitnessPal
55 Go See a Naturopath
56 Run 12 Races in a Year
57 Run a half marathon
58 Run an out-of-town race
59 Run the Army Run
60 Participate in the Spartan Race
61 Go a month without eating out
62 Raise money for charity by running
63 Run 2018 KM in 2018
64 Find out my blood type
65 Go See a Nutritionist
66 Donate blood


67 Spend and entire day out with Maisie
68 Teach Maisie to fetch
69 Walk Maisie on the Rideau Canal
70 Build a Retro Gaming Station
71 Take an improv class
72 Learn how to make a sideline kick in soccer
73 Write a screenplay
74 Watch a movie from every year I’ve been alive
75 Learn a song on the bass for each week (0/143)
76 Write a guest blog post
77 Start vlogging
78 Participate in NaNoWriMo
79 Start a new podcast
80 Update my blog at least once a week
81 Organize my accessories
82 Start a novel by writing 10,000 words

New Skills

83 Learn how to draw
84 Write a Murder Mystery
85 Learn how to juggle
86 Make Ratatouille
87 Solve a Rubix-Cube
88 Take a course on GIMP
89 Learn to play chess
90 Learn to Jumpstart a Car
91 Learn to pick a lock
92 Learn to tie a bowtie
93 Learn how to create and shoot a professional vlog
94 Learn 5 Alternative Necktie Knots
95 Learn 5 magic tricks
96 Learn to play piano
97 Read a Book on Cartography
98 Learn to count cards
99 Take a cooking class
100 Do a standing backflip
101 Learn French

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