Focus Hours

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Minimizing Distractions

I’m a man who gets easily distracted. It isn’t some ADD scenario where I have to almost pain myself to focus, it is just a product of growing up with the constant distractions of TV, video games, and the internet.

As a youth, this was less concerning. I’d have a little trouble focusing on classes in school sometimes, but never enough to affect my performance. However as a PM and Entrepreneur, I find myself having trouble focusing on activities hat are entirely self directed. It is easy to get sidetracked when attempting to roll up meeting notes or create development tasks, by more exciting avenues.

Focusing in on a task

My solution was to institute a Focus Hour. This isn’t a regimented, every day between 11-12 I focus, because in practice that would never work. Instead, if I find my focus drifting on a specific day, I make a conscious decision to focus for the next hour and zero in on my task, and after that hour is complete I’m allowed to be distracted for a short time.

In the end, I find that I’m ending up with a very¬†productive hour, and I get the minor reward of reading a few webcomics, or a very posts on Reddit to celebrate a job well done.

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