Meet Maisie the Golden

This is Maisie

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Maisie is my baby practice.

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She is also my baby <3

As I type this, she is giving me a rare moment of peace because I gave her a Kong full of peanut butter (that will work for human kids right…)

Maisie is a little over one year old, and my wife and I adopted her in June of 2016. I wanted an Elephant, but we settled for a Golden Retriever.



If I’m honest, owning a Golden Retriever is sort of like having a dog on easy mode. They are very easy to train, and very well behaved. They still have a ton of energy, but overall can calm down when they need to.

I’ll be posting more about Maisie (and hopefully more often in general!) but if you want more regular updates about Maisie, follow her on instagram! @golden.maisie


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