Because of my passions for entrepreneurship, business, marketing, and productivity I have become involved with a number of projects.


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Marketing/Product Manager

Active 2014-Present

In early 2013 I connected with Chris Horsnell, and entrepreneur based out of Milton Keynes in England. Chris was in the process of creating HypeBadger, a website that allows visitors to track release dates of upcoming products, movies, music, and more.

The HypeBadger website is a community driven platform, where all content can be generated by the users. News and release information can be added at any time, and by opening the platform, similar to a wiki, it can help ensure that all information is kept up to date.

Chris was seeking someone to help him with the marketing efforts, and my background in web product marketing management made it a good fit for eachother. Since joining Chris, we have gone through an official launch of the website and seen significant growth of membership in the site. My current efforts in the site are to heavily push content production and organic PR.


GameCrusherTV (GCTV) was a web series that ran during 2013. Beginning as a open post on Reddit by Mike Desjardins. Mike had wanted to create a content generating site that was looking to prepare higher quality gaming content focused around the Ottawa gaming industry. I was brought on board as the first co-founder and joined Mike in recruiting additional contributors.

While working with GCTV, I arranged for media access to cover the Ottawa International Gaming Conference (OIGC). I also communicated with independent developers to arrange for contest giveaways.

GCTV disbanded in 2013 before the end of the year, but the main co-founders remain active in the gaming community.



Content Producer

Active 2014


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