The Big Bang Theory Season 11: Episode 1 Review

The Proposal Proposal: Review of the Season Premiere


This review is for the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory, originally aired on Monday September 25, 2017 on CBS. As always this is a 100% spoiler free review of The Big Bang Theory.

Episode Synopsis

We pick up after last season’s cliffhanger to find out if Amy will accept Sheldon’s marriage proposal. Meanwhile, change is in the air as Howard and Bernadette get some major news, and Leonard and Penny are forced to confront a question about their future.

Episode Impressions

There is a saying in the I.T. world: no one ever got fired for going with IBM. The meaning of that saying is that IBM is a major supplier of I.T. services and no one can really be blamed for assuming they can deliver a good job, even when they fail. I believe that the Big Bang Theory is the television version of this. It’s been such a mainstay of prime time television for so many years that no one would get fired over renewing them year after year.

But as the show begins its 11th season, is it finally time to pull the plug? From the perspective of the money making machine that is CBS: absolutely not. From the perspective of a viewer that will continue to watch the show year after year: god I hope so.

The season premiere delivers exactly what you’ve come to expect from TBBT. Sheldon will have a superficial growth arc, that is soon forgotten about when its time for his next superficial growth arc. Raj & Stewart will continue to have jokes cracked about their perpetual loneliness. Nerd culture and scientific research will be at best the backdrop for laughs, and at worst the butt of the joke. Finally, Leonard and Penny, who used to be the stars of this ensemble cast, at relegated to reactionary roles. The show delivers nothing new from the last several seasons, but its core audience likely doesn’t expect or want much in the way of growth.

It’s not to say that TBBT fails as a show or as a comedy. I managed a few grins in spite of myself, but it is usually at a tired gag that I’ve laughed at the many times its used a variation of the joke before. That, in a nutshell, is TBBT: unobjectionable. I’ll watch it because I’m not bothered by it to the point that I’ll stop or outwardly reject the show. I’m not alone, millions of people are watching it, because it delivers very little to object over. It’s safe, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it will continue to be safe for many more seasons.

Rating: 2/5 Rehashed Scripts

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